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16-Year-Old Girl Saved By Ants After They Bite Man Trying To Rape Her



16-Year-Old Girl Saved By Ants After They Bite Man Trying To Rape Her

An Indonesian girl was saved from her attacker after a colony of ants started biting him!

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29-year-old Toni Irawan asked the teenage girl, identified by her initials A.S., to go for a drive around Sukamaju, South Sulawesi province. Irawan allegedly became angry when he asked the girl for sex and she refused. He then dragged her into some nearby bushes attempting to rape her but a colony of black ants saved the day!

According to local media, Irawan had asked the girl to have sex with him multiple times but she refused and tried to escape when they stopped in a village. He ran after her and dragged her back into the car to go to another village to “wash his car”. He then dragged her into some bushes, threw her on the ground and forced himself onto her.

The reports said that as he was about to rape her, they were both bitten by black ants. The teen was able to escape to a nearby house and call for help. Sukamaji police chief Iptu Alimin Pammu told local media that he was arrested as an investigation was opened. If proven guilty, he faces between three and 15 years in the slammer.

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