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17-Year-Old Charged With Killing Two Teens In Botched Drug Deal

Porter County Sheriff's Department


17-Year-Old Charged With Killing Two Teens In Botched Drug Deal

An Indiana boy was charged Monday with the murders of two missing teens in an apparent drug deal gone wrong.

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According to court documents obtained by The Times of Northwest Indiana, Connor Kerner told a confidential informant that he shot 18-year-old Thomas Grill after Grill attempted to rob him. After running out of bullets, Kerner then beat Grill with a pipe wrench, reloaded it and also shot 19-year-old Molley Lanham who was accompanying Grill, per the documents.

Although the drug deal happened in the Kerner’s grandparents’ garage in Porter County, the remains of the victims were found inside of a burned Honda Civic Saturday, the car they drove, in a rural area of Hebron. Kerner was charged as an adult and is held without bond. Authorities say he has refused to answer any questions.

The two teens were first reported missing a week ago. Police received an anonymous tip Saturday and found “substantial evidence” that lead to Kerner’s arrest the same night. According to The Times, the informant told police he was with the suspect at the time of the shooting and burned the car with the victim’s remains inside. Although the sheriff’s office says there’s still an ongoing investigation, police say “all evidence obtained at this point” leads to the two teens.

Sheriff David Reynolds posted a statement to Facebook Monday stating the arrest was made through a multi-agency investigation and officers worked “non-stop throughout the weekend” to track down the suspect.

“I want to send my sincere condolences to Thomas Grill and Molley Lanham’s families on the tragedy they are now facing with the heinous death of their children,” he said.

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