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Teen Overdoses After Consuming Too Much Nutmeg


Teen Overdoses After Consuming Too Much Nutmeg

A New York teen was rushed to a local hospital after he apparently overdosed on nutmeg Friday night.

The Daily Mail reporters the 17-year-old started pacing and muttering under his breath after paramedics arrived at his home. He was unable to answer questions and experienced symptoms of vomiting and muscle spasms. After he was transported to the hospital, doctors discovered he snorted a tablespoon of nutmeg.

Thankfully, the boy survived and is expected to recover. His parents told officials that the boy appeared to be ‘normal’ earlier in the day and did not have a history of taking drugs.

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Medics searched the home to find the source of the teen’s overdose and discovered a cannabis-filled cigar along with a half-empty jar of nutmeg in his room.

Researchers are using the boy’s case to reference the harmful effects of spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, etc. Many people are unaware that nutmeg contains an oil with a ingredient called MMDA. The synthetic is similar to the psychedelic drug MDMA and nutmeg does not appear on drug screenings if an individual is tested.

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