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21 Savage Claims Undocumented Kids Should Get Automatic U.S. Citizenship



21 Savage Claims Undocumented Kids Should Get Automatic U.S. Citizenship

21 Savage is continuing the fight for undocumented children as he says that they should receive automatic citizenship!

Earlier this year, rapper 21 Savage was arrested over the Superbowl Weekend by ICE who claimed he had entered the country illegally and had an expired Visa.

For those who may not know 21 was born in the UK and was brought to the US at a young age. Having dealt with that situation, he took situations into his own hands.

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On Thursday, 21 was presented the Courageous Luminary award from the National Immigration Law Center. In an interview with the Associated Press before accepting the award, he shared his thoughts on the Trump administration in regards to immigration in America.

“When you’re a child, you don’t know what’s going on,” he said. “Now, you grow up and got to figure it out. Can’t get a job. Can’t get a license. I’m one of the lucky ones who became successful. It’s a lot of people who can’t.”

He continued sharing that kids don’t know what happens when they have to move to a whole new country, let alone obtaining visas to do so!

“When you ain’t got no choice, you should be exempt,” he explained. “It’s not like I was 30, woke up, and moved over here. I’ve been here since I was like 7 or 8, probably younger than that. I didn’t know anything about visas and all that. I just knew we were moving to a new place”

He added, “I feel like we should be exempt. I feel like we should automatically become citizens.”

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21 has become a major player in the fight for immigration even donating money so detained immigrants can get lawyers.

Congrats to him and all the work he has done!

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