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5,500 Bats Drop Dead From Trees And Land On Woman’s Front Yard

Daily Mail


5,500 Bats Drop Dead From Trees And Land On Woman’s Front Yard

An Australian woman was in shock after she found 5,500 dead bats on her front yard.

According to the Daily Mail, Philippa Schroor was about to leave her Queensland home when she discovered the dead bats on her front yard Tuesday morning. Schroor says the gruesome scene has forced her and her two children to leave their home until the manner is resolved:

‘It was a scene out of a horror movie and there is still putrefied rotting carcasses are everywhere,’

Other local news sources reported that thousands of bats are dropping dead due to a massive heatwave in Queensland. The heatwave has been in effect since last Sunday.

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Currently, Schroor and her children are staying in a hotel until the matter is resolved but she says the sanitation department has yet to make an effort to remove the dead animals.

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‘I cannot return home until I get a cleaner to scrub my walls, furniture, linen, vehicle upholstery before the smell has permeated everything. This is a public health issue.’

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