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6 Celebrities Who Have Booming Makeup Collections

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6 Celebrities Who Have Booming Makeup Collections

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Our top 6 celebs who have transitioned into createing makeup collections

Celebrities are normally known for their specific talents. But there are many of them who have branched out of their norm to create a variety of brands. Some of those include makeup brands. Below we are highlighting 6 of our favorite celebrities who put their main goal aside and released a makeup collection that you will surely love!

Kim Kardashian West

Kim has built a major empire following. behind her little sister’s footsteps to release KKW Beauty. Kim has all corners covered as she not only has a full face collection, but she extended to smell goods with her various perfumes. Recently, she’s been pushing her new body products that are sure to bronze you up for the rest of the summer. Not to mention she has a new collection launching July 19th.

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