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7 Places To Go To Escape The Summer Heat



7 Places To Go To Escape The Summer Heat

This summer heat is putting a damper on many peoples day time plans. But there is some good news, there is plenty to do to make your day worthwhile while staying out of the summer heat.

We have curated a list of 7 places you can go to stay cool and have fun all at the same time!

1. Mall

What better way to spend your summer day than a little pick-me-up at the mall. Your local mall is a great place to walk around, do some shopping, eat a little and hang out.  Now you don’t always have to physically purchase items. Most malls have a place where you can literally just lounge out, some even offer daytime activities like movies completely free.

2. Movies 

Whether you are by yourself, with a friend or on a date, the movies are always a great option. Think about it, you pay for a ticket not only to sit and watch something amazing but be in a nice air-conditioned room usually in a recliner enjoying a movie as entertainment. Not to mention there are so many good movies out right now like Lion King, Spiderman, Ma and more.

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3. Water park 

Many states are fortunate enough to have a water park. There are even some places that have an indoor waterpark like one called Grat Wolf Lodge. Waterparks are not only for kids but adults, as well as many, serve beverages to keep things nice and light. But if you do have kids and don’t want to pay to get into a waterpark, there are many public parks that have free splash pads to the cold water in the heat.

4. Library 

Now, this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, however, for those who love to grab a nice book in the summer and read, the library is the perfect place to do, and it’s FREE. Who doesn’t love something for free99? Grab a great book and get to explore all while staying cool and comfortable.

5. Arcade 

Grab a friend and hear to your local Dave N’ Busters because they have amazing games to keep you busy, drinks to keep your mood light, and air conditioner to keep you cool from the heat. If there aren’t any Dave N’ Busters in your neighboorhood, find any arcade in your area because those games are not too expensive, and they take you back to your childhood days.

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6. Restaurant 

While you can’t really sit at a restaurant all day long, it is a great place to get out of the house, grab a bite to eat and stay cool all at the same time. Most restaurants will have a happy hour while helps if you want to keep your food costs down. Take a friend, take a relative or just take yourself and get out of the house and enjoy the different scenery. For those who are not worried about costs, try exploring local eaterie you’ve never had before and make it a 2019 summer bucket list event.

7. Relatives home 

Now that its summertime, we know that many people are vacationing and could be enjoying time off so what better way to catch up with family than children at their home. Or even a nice little Netflix and chill is a simple way to get out of the heat, and again for the most part that can be competently FREE.


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