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7-Year-Old Boy, Encased In Concrete, Allegedly Died In Dog Crate That Mom Made Him Sleep In

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7-Year-Old Boy, Encased In Concrete, Allegedly Died In Dog Crate That Mom Made Him Sleep In

A young boy who was found dead in his parent’s storage unity died while in a dog crate.

7-year-old Caden McWilliams was found dead in a dog crate filled with concrete on December 23rd.

in a sixteen-page court document released by the Dever County District Attorney’s office, it revealed that the young boy had been dead for months before he was found.

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His mother, Elisha Pankey who turned herself into authorities was charged with child abuse resulting in death as well as abuse of a corpse.

An arrest affidavit was obtained which shed more light on what as really going on in that household. A former inmate of Pankey shared that the boy died in July while on a family vacation.

The inmate says that Pankey told her about a time in July when they were at a hotel and Caden was in the cage. She says that the boy began to cry for water however, Pankey ignored his plea.

The inmate said Pankey told her that Caden was allegedly forced to live in the dog crate and that his father, Leland Pankey, covered it with blankets.

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The next morning when the couple woke up, Caden was dead.

They allegedly went to a store purchased concrete and industrial strength trash bags and proceeded to encase the carrier in concrete.

The top for Caden’s body came from a friend of Leland who gave the storage unit away. Once officers were able to obtain a search warrant resulting in finding the body, he was already decomposed. However, he did show signs of being malnourished.

While Leland has yet to be charged with his son’s death, Elisha is set to be in court on April 2nd.

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