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California Cannabis Company Releases THC Infused Gravy


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California Cannabis Company Releases THC Infused Gravy

A California cannabis compnay is trying to spark up this years thanksgiving meals!

Thanksgiving dinner comes in different forms for different people. Some enjoy spending time with their family while others dread the unwanted questions at the dinner table.

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Well, California cannabis company Kiva Confections is ready to help spice things up for some families as they introduce turkey gravy loaded with THC.

That’s right, no more having to step outside to spark that blunt or eat an edible because they are bringing the THC right to your dining room table.

Sound crazy? Well, according to their Instagram, this is no ordinary THC infused gravy, they say it’s

“made with cutting-edge technology that bypasses edibles’ normally lengthy trip through the liver.” Instead, this cannabis gravy apparently “absorbs into the soft tissue and stomach” and promises the high will kick in within “a groundbreaking two to 15 minutes.”

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Kiva believes that with their new technology, they can end the “awkward family dinner conversation.” If you’re interested in knowing the ingredients, they say it includes the classic ingredients turkey stock, garlic, onion, salt, but adds 10 mg of THC.

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