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A Pennsylvania Man Arrested For Flushing His Grandparents Ashes



A Pennsylvania Man Arrested For Flushing His Grandparents Ashes

A Pennsylvania man has been charged with a crime after he flushed his grandparents’ ashes down a toilet.

Thomas Wells of Pennsylvania has been charged with two counts of abuse of a corpse and criminal mischief after he reportedly flushed his grandparent’s ashes down the toilet.

All of this occurred after his mother kicked him out of her home after she confronted him about his drinking and marijuana habits.

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Police say that the man was staying with his mother for a small amount o time before she asked him to leave back in September.

According to Wells mother, the ashes were in a box in her bedroom. Initially, Wells said that he did not flush the ashes, however, Wells later said he would flush her remains after she dies.

As of now, Wells was arraigned on Monday and is free on nonmonetary bond. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 13.

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