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Sperm Donor Sues Oregon Hospital After Unknowingly Fathering 17 Kids



Sperm Donor Sues Oregon Hospital After Unknowingly Fathering 17 Kids

A former Oregon sperm donor is not happy after finding out that the contract he initially signed was broken resulting in 17 kids being born!

Back in 1989, Dr. Bryce Cleary donated his sperm to a fertility clinic wanting to help out couples who were having a hard time conceiving on their own. 

When he signed up, his contract stated that he only wanted his sperm to be used for five children, all out of state, and preferably on the east coast. However, that contract was broken as Cleary recently discovered he is the father to 17 children, some of whom actually live in Oregon.

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This all took place after Cleary joined and found that one of the children from the donation had been linked back to him outside of the ones he knew about.

After finding out this news, Cleary decided to sue the clinic for $5 million. His attorney filed the suit on  Wednesday against Oregon Health & Science University. They say that the clinic has caused his family emotional destress knowing that his sperm was used for more children than agreed upon.

“So can you imagine his shock when, after 30 years, Dr. Cleary recently received the revelation that no less than 17 children have been born from his donations, all of which occurred here in the state of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest,” his attorney, Chris Best, told reporters.

Cleary and his wife are parents to three children and one adopted daughter.

When the time came to draft up the contract regarding his sperm, Cleary says that he formed it specifically to avoid his custodial children from engaging with the children born out of his donation.

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With this contract being neglected, two of the children born from the donation have actually attended the same school as the children he raised, the lawsuit says. 

This becomes more than just a situation between Cleary and the hospital. In an interview with the news, he shared that when his children begin dating, they will have to take DNA teste to ensure that they are not related to their significant other.

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