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Alabama High School Students Caught On Camera Going On Racist Rant 



Alabama High School Students Caught On Camera Going On Racist Rant 

A video has gone viral of Alabama high school students drinking and using racist slurs.

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The students featured in the video attend schools in Hoover, Alabama and are currently under fire for their offensive comments. In the video, which was spread around social media, a group of white students rant about the Holocaust, Jewish people, black people, and say the n-word several times. One of the students is recording the video and seems to be amused by the racist banter.

“Without the Holocaust, what would the world be like?” one boy wearing a red shirt in the video asks.

“We would have white people still!” says a girl. He says, “Jews would rule the world.”

“F— n——‘s, f— Jews,” one boy says.

“Jews are fine because they’re white,” a girl says. “We just need the n—-‘s gone. We have mixed Oreos — what are you going to do with them?”

A boy replies, “You stick them in concentration camps.” She answers, “You have to wait until they die off…How about we kick out the Democrats and go on strike?”

The video was reportedly uploaded to Snapchat. Kathy Murphy, a superintendent of Hoover City Schools told,

“We are exceptionally sad and disappointed that this would either be the attitude of some of our young people or whatever would prompt them to have such conversations.”

Murphy spoke with the principals of Hoover and Spain Park High School Monday to determine disciplinary action for the students.

“To the extent that a matter happens off campus and has some residual impact in the school itself” will influence any potential disciplinary measures. “It certainly speaks to the work we have before us.”

The father of one of the students and owner of Hoover Toyota, Gordon Stewart, made a statement for his daughter’s behavior on his business’ social media accounts.

An important message from Gordon Stewart, Owner of Hoover Toyota.

Posted by Hoover Toyota on Monday, March 4, 2019

A black student at Spain Park High School, Unique Simpson, told,

“Honestly, I am so sick and tired of going through this same routine at Spain Park High School. I’ve been through so many personal experiences,” she said. “This needs to stop.”

Hoover Mayor Frank Brocato also got involved and tweeted,

“The City of Hoover condemns racism and hatred in every form and at any place or time.” He added that “we are deeply disturbed by a video that is currently circulating on social media.”

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Watch the viral video below:


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