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Alaska Teen Allegedly Killed ‘Best Friend’ After Man Online Offered $9M For Videos of Murder


Alaska Teen Allegedly Killed ‘Best Friend’ After Man Online Offered $9M For Videos of Murder

 A 19-year-old Alaska native has found herself behind bars after killing her friend in an attempt to obtain $9 million!

Darin Schilmiller of New Salisbury, Indiana has been arrested for a number of charges after he catfished an 18-year-old girl into killing her best friend for $9 million.

That girl is Denali Brehmer who alongside four others killed her 19-year-old friend Cynthia Hoffman.

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Schilmiller who went by “Tyler” asked Brehmer to send him pictures of a “rape and murder someone in Alaska.”

According to court documents, Brehmer recruited four friends to help her carry out this plan. Kayden McIntosh, 16; Caleb Leyland, 19; and two other teens whose names are being withheld due to their ages. Brehmer allegedly promised each person a cut of the money.

The plan was underway on June 2nd when Brehmer and McIntosh allegedly drove with Hoffman to Thunderbird Falls outside Anchorage in Leyland’s car. Once at the destination, McIntosh and Brehmer allegedly duct-taped Hoffman’s hands, feet, and mouth. Hoffman was then shot in the back of the head by McIntosh and pushed into the river.

Per request, Brehmer allegedly sent Snapchat videos and photos to Schilmiller while Hoffman was alive and after they had killed her.

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McIntosh and Brehmer were each charged with one count of murder and one count of tampering with evidence and their bail was set at $200,000. Leyland was arrested for one count of murder, one count of conspiracy to commit murder and multiple counts of sexual assault with a minor.

As for Schilmiller, he is being held on federal child pornography charges as he awaits extradition.

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