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Amazon’s Alexa Wants To Have ‘Sex’ With You


Amazon’s Alexa Wants To Have ‘Sex’ With You

Amazon’s Alexa Wants To Have ‘Sex’ With You

Many have already fallen in love with Alexa’s capabilities but now the virtual assistant wants to spice up your sex life!

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Lovense is partnering up with Amazon’s artificial intelligence system.  Now you’ll be able to control the sex toys with Alexa’s voice commands.

This new development might seem a little kinky but those in long distance relationships will benefit the most.  The Sun explains how to properly command your new toy with Alexa.

“So you might say ‘Alexa, make me smile with Hush,’ and the smart butt plug will begin vibrating – even if it’s miles away from the Amazon Echo speaker.  Or you could shout ‘Alexa, please my partner with Lush on high,’ and your spouse will get a sudden surprise from their egg vibrator.”

Alexa can control the toy’s vibration speed and set it up to auto-vibrate at specific times throughout the day.  Music lovers will be happy to know you can command the toy to buzz along the beat of your playlist or follow a custom rhythmic pattern.

This new partnership sounds promising if you can forget about the scandal that plagued Lovense in November 2017.  Hollywood Unlocked reported on the Lovense brand admitting their toys recorded intimate sessions.  They apologized for the mishap and corrected the issue.  If you’re still interested don’t run off to Amazon just yet.  A release date hasn’t been confirmed but should be available “in about four weeks,” a Lovense rep told The Sun.

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See pictures of the device below!

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