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Amber Guyger’s Lawyers File Intent to Appeal Murder Conviction

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Amber Guyger’s Lawyers File Intent to Appeal Murder Conviction

Amber Guyger’s Lawyers File Intent to Appeal Murder Conviction

After all the crying, hugging, and forgiving at the Dallas courtroom earlier this month when former officer Amber Guyger was found guilty of murdering her neighbor Botham Jean, it appears that she’s trying to get out of facing the full consequences for her crime.

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According to the New York Post, an attorney for Guyger has filed a notice of appeal of her conviction and 10-year prison sentence. It was said that Guyger attorney Michael Mowla set in motion the appeal process last week, when he filed notice Oct. 16 of her intent to appeal her conviction, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports.

Now, it does not indicate on what grounds Guyger plans to base her appeal, according to the Star-Telegram. However, the filing is just the first step needed if the 31-year-old decides to proceed with an appeal.

Robert Rogers, Guyger’s lead defense attorney during her trial, told CNN that the filing was a formality in accordance with Texas law. But, Guyger’s legal team did tell NBC 5 Dallas that they do intend to appeal both the murder conviction and her 10-year sentence.

Attorney Pete Schulte who is not involved directly in the case shared a tweet Tuesday explaining that it is mostly a procedural move that signals an appeal may be forthcoming but Guyger could still decide not to file an appeal.

According to him Schulte, Guyger could even face more time in jail should the case be appealed and re-tried. “That’s the big risk for her to appeal this case,” tweeted Schulte. “IF the court of appeals sends the case back for a new trial, and she gets convicted again of murder, she could get sentenced anywhere from 5-99 years. Many defendants would decide against appeal because of that risk.”

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