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American Teens Arrested After Stabbing Police Officer In Italy


American Teens Arrested After Stabbing Police Officer In Italy

Two American teens were arrested after the killed a police officer in Italy after a drug deal went south.

The New York Post reports Gabriel Christian Hjorth and Finnegan Lee Elder, both aged 19, were allegedly upset when they received a “different substance” instead of cocaine from a drug dealer in Trastevere. After the drug deal, the San Francisco natives grabbed the drug dealers bag and cell phone then fled the scene.

The drug dealer reported the theft to police and two plainclothes officers arrived at the scene. Moments after, the dealer arranged a meeting with Hjorth and Elder in order to get his stuff returned. However, they demanded $112 ransom and a gram of cocaine.

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During the meeting, a violent scuffle broke out and officer Mario Cerciello Rega was fatally stabbed during the altercation. Evidence leading up to the teens’ arrest included surveillance footage and witness testimonies.

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Both were charged with aggravated murder and attempted extortion. Press play to learn more in the video clip below.



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