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American Woman Tortured And Murdered In Dominican Republic



American Woman Tortured And Murdered In Dominican Republic

American Woman Tortured And Murdered In Dominican Republic

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An American woman was found tied up, gagged, tortured and strangled to death in the Dominican Republic.

Patricia Ann Anton, 63, worked as a teacher and she was found dead inside her Puerto Plata home.

Police report that they found her body on her bed with a gag in her mouth. There were also multiple signs of torture. Her body has been sent for forensic analysis and an investigation has been opened into the death.

Her phone, laptop and television were also missing which suggests a robbery took place, however, there were no signs of forced entry, which suggests that she knew her attacker.

Her brother-in-law Thomas Anton paid tribute to her, “Patty Anton was one of the most caring people you could ever meet. She dedicated her life to helping children. Her death is a tragedy.

“I have resolved to use her memory as an inspiration to be of greater service to those around me. She was kind to everyone, always, without exception.”

According to the Daily Mail, Patty’s volunteer work led her to the Dominican Republic, she soon became a teacher and has been living there 15 years.

Police are looking for witnesses and no arrests have been made yet.

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