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Another Man Posing As Officer Pulls Over An Off-Duty Cop



Another Man Posing As Officer Pulls Over An Off-Duty Cop

Florida man strikes again! Another imposter has been caught after he pulled over an off-duty sheriff’s deputy.

ABC News reports Barry Hastings Jr.,35, was arrested earlier this week after he pulled over an off-duty Lee County Sheriff’s deputy. The Hillsborough Sheriff’s Department said in a statement that Hastings was driving a black Crown Victoria and pulled over the deputy on I-4. The deputy asked Hastings for his credentials but Hastings informed him that he was an officer and left the credentials at the office.

Hastings left the scene when the deputy told him he was contacting 911 but he was stopped by another Hillsborough County Sheriff’s deputy.

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Authorities reported that Hastings’ vehicle contained a functional siren box and a light along with a CB vehicle. There were no firearms or handcuffs found in the vehicle.

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Hastings was arrested and charged with impersonating an officer and was held at the Hillsborough County Jail but bailed himself out early Friday.

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