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Anthony Bourdain’s Body Stuck In France


Anthony Bourdain’s Body Stuck In France

Anthony Bourdain’s body is stuck in France, meaning that funeral plans for him will be on hold.

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As reported by Page Six, Bourdain’s family is currently waiting for the French government to allow the chef’s body to be flown back to the US for burial.

“They won’t be shipping his remains back for a couple of days because of formalities,” said Gladys Bourdain, 83.

She added that it was very pretty typical of the “ces’t la vie” country.

“Listen, I lived there for five years — nothing is done quickly,” she said.

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His mother added that the funeral plans for her son are in the hands of his estranged wife, Ottavia Busia Bourdain, because Ottavia is legally still his next of kin.

“Although they’re separated, she’ll be in charge of whatever happens,” the mom said. “We haven’t talked for a couple days. I’m sure she’s as broken up as I am.”

Bourdain and his ex have emained on good terms after their split and had joint custody in  raising their 11-year-old daughter, Ariane.

Bourdain, 61, was found dead last week by chef Eric Ripert on Friday hanging by a bathrobe belt in his room at the Le Chambard hotel in Kaysersberg-Vignoble, France.

According to Page Six, The French Ministry of Justice, which handled the investigation into Bourdain’s death, did not respond to requests for comment Sunday.

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