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Former White House Comms Director Anthony Scaramucci Called Cardi B A What?!

Anthony Scaramucci and Cardi B


Former White House Comms Director Anthony Scaramucci Called Cardi B A What?!

Consequently, after President Trump removed him from his White House Communications Director post, Anthony Scaramucci has since taken a newfound liking to Twitter — just like his former boss.

Moreover, the 53-year-old political figure recently used the platform for some Q&A where he simultaneously referred to Cardi B as a man, revealed his liking to Nicki Minaj and stuck to his guns on preferring French Montana over Eminem.

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Additionally, to one Twitter user who questioned if he liked Nicki, Scaramucci simply said: “I do, yes.”

While his response to the following question has since been deleted, his answer is quite funny.

Moreover, when asked if he liked Cardi as much as Nicki, he obliviously answered: “My sons do. Not as familiar with his music.”

My sons do. Not as familiar with his music

— Anthony Scaramucci (@Scaramucci) October 11, 2017


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Furthermore, after he deleted the post he followed up admitting fault, claiming:

“My bad on that! But at least I admitted I didn’t know the music. I did see her name on Apple Music playlist of my 18 year old.”

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In addition, to feeling Nicki and her music, it seems likes Scaramucci prefers French Montana over Eminem.

Consequently, he simply responds, “French,” when a user asks him “I know you’re a French Montana fan, thoughts on Eminem?”

While the former comms director isn’t a rap blogger or alike, he’s definitely got potential to be a Twitter comedian.

Also, speaking of comedians…

#PressPlay below to stream an SNL skit about Anthony Scaramucci

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Anthony Scaramucci


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