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Are Engagement Ring Piercings The New Trend?



Are Engagement Ring Piercings The New Trend?

No more taking off your ring when you’re mad at bae, that may just hurt with this new form of engagement rings.

The first few months of the year are always prime time for engagements to take place almost like its everyone’s New Year resolution.

However, this new trend of engagement rings is more painful looking that beautiful.

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Instagram users have been posting a new trend of semi-permanent engagement rings that literally sink right into the skin! OUCH!!!

Yes, that’s right, people are getting dermal piercings with diamonds that appear to float on top of their ring finger.

However, if you think of it, a traditional ring is a form of metal, so it does make sense that the piercing is also metal with or without a diamond.

Now when it comes to a unique idea that is truly one unconventional way to show your love for someone.

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The thought of a piercing on your finger sounds all fine and dandy until you happen to snag it on something or even get mad and try to take it off. That just sounds painful.

If you are one who wants to take on this new trend, major props to you and your pain tolerance, but if not, a traditional ring sure will work!

Take a look at some of the piercings below and let us know what you think!

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