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Autistic Son Goes Viral After Asking ‘Would Someone Like Me?’

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed News


Autistic Son Goes Viral After Asking ‘Would Someone Like Me?’

Autistic Son Goes Viral After Asking ‘Would Someone Like Me?’

Social media users have come together to show love to a mother named Kerry Bloch and her son David after she shared a heartbreaking post on Twitter.

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While speaking with Buzzfeed, Bloch shared that her son David began showing signs of severe autism at the age of 4. David also developed a severe immunodeficiency disorder that meant he needed to be isolated from other kids in order to prevent him from getting infected. Bloch, who takes care of him full-time, says her son is lonely and it breaks her heart.

“He wants friends badly. He’s home-schooled, and it’s just the three of us,” she said. “I know he’s lonely and he wants friends.”

The mother also shared that her son rarely speaks and can go days without saying anything. But on Wednesday this week, David, 21, asked his mother his first-ever question: “Would someone like me?” She said she became emotional after hearing his first sentence and took to social media to share.

“I had to go off and cry when he didn’t see me because it’s just kind of bittersweet that he’s trapped in there,” she said. “He does want to be liked, and he does want friends, and he doesn’t know how to make them.”

From there, a bunch of other parents of autistic children responded back to Blotch to show their support and let David know that he has many friends.

“It’s mind-boggling. I’m overwhelmed,” Kerry told BuzzFeed News about the responses from her tweet. “David and I stayed up all night last night. All we did was stay on Twitter and I would read every tweet to him. I would show him the responses, the little GIFs, the pictures people were sending. He didn’t answer much, but he would say ‘pretty’ and ‘nice.’ You could see him just smiling. I’ve never seen him smile so much in my life.”

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