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Black Girl Magic: Have You Tried The ‘SLAAP’ App For Your Matching Foundation Needs?


Black Girl Magic: Have You Tried The ‘SLAAP’ App For Your Matching Foundation Needs?

A beauty editor brings Black Girl Magic creating an app for women to fit their matching foundation needs through SLAAP.

Jamila Robertson, 30, was inspired to create the app after becoming frustrated with the lack of beauty products for darker skin tones. Robertson became determined to find a solution.

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According to Dailymail, the Beauty Editor first encountered problems when she began wearing makeup at 17 and couldn’t find a foundation or concealer that matched her skin tone.

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Jamila told Dailymail that it was difficult as a teenager on a budget to find the right product.

“It was quite frustrating as a teenager on a budget, because I could only buy luxury or high-end products. The only other alternatives were more niche brands such as Fashion Fair, or Iman. But their formulas were quite grown up at the time – and I didn’t like the idea of not being able to buy the same brands as everyone else.”

So how do you use SLAPP?

“You take a selfie and you will be instantly matched to all of the products that are right for you,” Jamila explained. “It’s kind of like a personalized face shop, as we also stock primers, highlighters and setting sprays.”

SLAPP is available to download on all iPhone, Android and Google Play Store.

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