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Beauty Supply Store Owner Punches Mother In The Face After Argument


Beauty Supply Store Owner Punches Mother In The Face After Argument

A beauty supply store owner has been charged with assault after he punched a mother in the face in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Yahoo! News reports the assault was captured on video and was uploaded via Twitter on Monday after it showed Jun’s Beauty Supply owner Changseok Jun punching a woman in the face Sunday. The attack came after the woman’s son placed a small item in his pocket. Tulsa Police Dept. Sgt. Shane Tuell stated that the boy’s mother was unaware that her son brought the item when they exited the store.

“Mr. Jun followed the victim outside to confront her, and she threw the item back inside the store, then pushed him in his upper torso as she was leaving,”

“Mr. Jun then punched the woman in the right side of her mouth with his closed fist.”

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Tuell says Jun was arrested and charged with assault and battery and has a court appearance scheduled for Sept.12. The woman’s identity has not been revealed and there were no details if she plans to sue Jun for the attack.

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Tuell says the judge will most likely fine Jun for the crime or order him to perform community service.

Image Source: Youtube/Luvly Soul

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