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Bella Hadid Says She “Never Felt Powerful” Modeling For Victoria Secret



Bella Hadid Says She “Never Felt Powerful” Modeling For Victoria Secret

Model Bella Hadid opens up about her dealing with mental health and how walking in the Savage x Fenty show helped her feel amazing!

When looking at model Bella Hadid, it’s easy to think that she has it all under control with a boatload of confidence, but she recently shared that it didn’t come easy!

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While speaking at the Vogue Fashion Festival in Paris, Hadid shared that despite modeling in the highly popular Victoria Secret fashion show, the first time she felt comfortable modeling lingerie was for Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty show in September.

“Rihanna’s amazing. For me, that was the first time on a runway that I felt really sexy. Because when I first did Fenty, I was doing other lingerie shows and I never felt powerful on a runway, like, in my underwear,”

She shared that Rihanna gave her the opportunity to talk down the runway however she wanted to which helped her bring a different side of her out!

“I like being another character. I think at this point I don’t necessarily love being myself sometimes,” she continued. “Sometimes on the runway, you get either nervous or you forget how your legs move.”

For Hadid, she shared that being her health has taken a major tole over the past few years in regards to mental health and depression, but being her authentic self on social media helped her cope through it!

“For a while I just didn’t want to talk about it, and I’ve gone through a lot in the past few years with my health,” she said. “I feel guilty for being able to live this incredible life, have the opportunities that I do, but somehow still be depressed. It doesn’t make sense.”

“Showing people what I support, the things that I love in my life that I’m passionate about is something that’s very important to me, so I hope that in the future I can show that more. For a while, I just shut it off, but I’m back,” she said.

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Through her own personal struggles, she hopes that her story and her social media posts can help anyone going through the same difficulties.

“I just hope I can help in any way I can. I feel like I would be doing a disservice to myself if I didn’t speak about something such as mental health because that’s pretty much what I’ve been going through for the past five years very intensely. Now we’re here and we’re good, but it took a while,” she said.


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