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Beyoncé Launches Celebratory ‘Homecoming’ Merch


Beyoncé Launches Celebratory ‘Homecoming’ Merch

The world has been going crazy over Beyonce’s recent release of her Netflix film “Homecoming” and now there’s merch!

As if the Homecoming documentary on Netflix was not enough for Beyonce fans to be excited over, Bey has gone above and Beyonce to please her fans times 2. 

Not only did the whole world watch the documentary, but many also downloaded Homecoming: The Live Album which consists of 40 tracks from the highly loved Coachella performance.

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But that’s still not it, Bey also released a merch collection which of course needs to be purchased on sight.

This merch collection includes short-sleeve tees, cropped long-sleeve and short-sleeve tees, tank tops, crewneck sweaters and hoodies. These all come equipped with silhouettes inspired by collegiate/fraternity-inspired motifs and Homecoming branding.

There is also Egyptian and African symbolism that commemorates her 2018 Coachella performance. Some of the more notable pieces include tees showcasing Beyoncé in the Egyptian queen Nefertiti-inspired outfit, along with a black panther icon. In addition, a black hoodie featuring a Beyoncé Coat of Arms patch with a raised black fist, panther head, an illustrative Egyptian woman and a bee, brings together the whole colelction.

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These pieces will start at $40 for a. basic teeshirt or tank and go up to $115 for the crest pullover sweater. This collection is available now via Beyoncé’s online store.

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