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Beyoncé Reportedly Cried After The Taylor Swift, Kanye Incident At VMAs

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Beyoncé Reportedly Cried After The Taylor Swift, Kanye Incident At VMAs

Beyoncé Reportedly Cried After The Taylor Swift, Kanye Incident At VMAs

The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards is one show that many people can’t forget. It was the time Kanye West made the bold move and interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech to acknowledge Beyoncé and her great music videos.

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While we seen videos of Beyoncé’s reaction in that moment, we really didn’t know how she took all in after the show. Billboard recently spoke with former producers, journalists and music executives who revealed that Beyoncé actually cried after the incident. They also said she worked with the staff to make sure Taylor Swift got her special moment after it was taken away from her.

Former Viacom president Van Toffler recalled consoling a crying Beyonce backstage. He quickly came up with an idea to make everything right, which included breaking protocol. However, Beyoncé was fully on board.

“I walk behind the stage – and sure enough there is Beyoncé and her dad, and she is crying. She was like, ‘I didn’t know this was going to happen, I feel so bad for her,’ ” he said. “And that’s when it started to click in my head, and maybe hers, about potentially having the whole arc play out in that one night.” He hinted that she would win an award before the official announcement was made, which he is usually not supposed to do. “At some point I let her know that she was probably going to be up on the podium at the end of the show for an award,” he said. “And wouldn’t it be nice to have Taylor come up and have her moment then? I had to indicate to her that she needed to stay, and perhaps this is a way to have this come full circle and let (Taylor) have her moment. I would normally not say anything, but I had two crying artists.”

Toffler then ran the idea by Swift and her team and they approved.

“I had to go back to Taylor and Scott and her mom and say, ‘This is what could potentially happen at the end of the evening and you can have your moment to do your speech,’ ” he said. “There was a lot of begging, but fortunately she agreed to stay, and Beyoncé agreed to do a wonderfully gracious thing. So the Shakespearean arc played out over the course of the evening.”

As unfortunate as that situation was, Taylor’s her then-record label’s CEO Scott Borchetta – saw the bright side of it all.

“In my conversation with Scott Borchetta the next day after I called to apologize,” Toffee said. “He’s like ‘Van, here’s the thing about it: yesterday most of the country had no idea who Taylor Swift was. Today, Oprah Winfrey sent her flowers this morning and asked if she could talk to her.’ It felt like, ‘Wow, If I could have 10 of those a show going forward and didn’t know about it I’d sure love that!'”

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