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Biker Survives Getting His Head Run Over By A Truck


Biker Survives Getting His Head Run Over By A Truck

Biker Survives Getting His Head Run Over By Truck.

Footage captures a biker fall and becomes trapped in the path of the back wheels of a truck and although his helmet is crushed, he appears to be fine.

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Filmed earlier this week in Cainta, Philippines, the biker is in a line of traffic when he attempts to pass the truck on its right side.

As he overtakes, the bike appears to hit the curb and the bike falls on its side, throwing the driver in the path of the truck’s back wheels. He is then trapped momentarily by the wheels as it rolls over his head. As traffic slows around them, he then makes several attempts to stand up.

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However, the biker does seem dazed and unable to properly stand. The clip, which was filmed by a vehicle behind them, then shows the other bikers hurry to the man.

He finally removes his green helmet and appears to have survived with no major injuries.

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