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Bill Cosby Appeals Sex Assault Conviction

The World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, via Wikimedia Commons


Bill Cosby Appeals Sex Assault Conviction

Bill Cosby Appeals Sex Assault Conviction

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Bill Cosby is still fighting back and just filed a second appeal in his sex assault case. Cosby is currently serving a three- to 10-year sentence for alleged molesting Andrea Constand.

The former comedian argued that the five women should never have been allowed to testify in his second trial.

His lawyers, Kristen Weisenberger, Brian Perry, and Sarah Kelly-Kilgore filed the appeal on his behalf and claim that the “conviction was not based on any credible evidence that he actually committed the crimes for which he was on trial.”

His lawyers namely point the finger at Montgomery County Judge Steven O’Neill for allowing testimony from five of his alleged victims, who told jurors the comedian gave them pills before assaulting them. Cosby’s lawyers referred to their testimony as “inflammatory evidence with no probative value to the actual crimes charged.”

“The evidence was used to strip Cosby of his presumption of innocence and to try to establish that Cosby had the propensity to sexually assault women,” they added. “This evidence never should have been admitted at trial.”

They believe that the accuser’s stories have nothing to do with the crime that he is being accused of.

The Blast reports that Cosby’s reps said,

“Today, will be considered a memorable moment for Actor & Comedian Bill Cosby and his family; but most importantly, this will be an historic period for ALL American Citizens of these United States, who have been wrongfully convicted of a crime, without any proof. On this date, one of our Great American Treasures [Bill Cosby]…was finally awarded the opportunity to file his appeal with the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. This filing is an important step in ensuring that Mr. Cosby receives a hearing from a fair and impartial court. The Constitution guarantees that right to Mr. Cosby—and to all Americans—and he looks forward to securing justice in the court of appeal.”

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