Blac Chyna may be 12 years older than YBN Almighty Jay’s but she’s definitely leveling up to his age with her recent Instagram moves of posting and deleting pictures that are clearly aimed at her romance with the 18-year-old.

Blac Chyna took a mirror selfie, rocking some black lingerie with the caption “single.” Blac took it off the Gram before anyone could even catch a glimpse which means her and YBN broke up and got back together.

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Jay recently chopped it up with Montreality and was asked what his favorite feature of his 30-year-old girlfriend was and his answer was not surprising at all. “The muthafuckin’ booty, boy!” he said. “Whatchu mean favorite feature? The same shit that every n***a look at.”

He added, “I f*** with Chyna, she’s mad cool. She’s a nice person to be around.”

The couple seemingly has a kind of on-and-off relationship. One day YBN hops on Instagram live and shares that he “cut her off” and the next day a photo will be posted of them cuddling up together. Whatever the case of their relationship, we’re sure we’ll be getting some kind of update soon with the amount of love they both got for Instagram!

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