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Black Twitter Exposes White Instagram Models And Influencers Posing As Black Women


Black Twitter Exposes White Instagram Models And Influencers Posing As Black Women

Black Twitter is currently buzzing after one user noticed that multiple white female Instagram influencers and models are posing as black or racially ambiguous women.

According to Blavity, one Twitter user named Dee uploaded a direct message about an Instagram influencer named Emma Hallberg. Hallberg was being accused of posing as a black woman when one of her followers found out she was actually white. The user who messaged Dee said Hallberg is a white woman of Swedish descent, although her skin is very tanned in many of her photos.

However, Hallberg has responded to the backlash and told one Instagram follower that she never posed as a black woman and stated that her tan is her natural skin tint.

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More Twitter users began to include other Instagram influencers and even calling the term N*****fishing. The term comes from white influences and models profiting off a specific look that black women and other women of color are ridiculed for.

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Wanna, a writer, and avid Twitter user explained to Blavity that she detected the trend in social media for years and wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention.

“It’s important to note that I created the initial thread to bring attention to women who are benefiting from racial ambiguity,” she added. “A lot of the examples shared were from friends, family and followers of these girls who did some digging on their own. And at the end of the day, most of these women were from Europe with no Black roots at all.”

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