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Black Woman Called A Monkey, The N-Word And A Prostitute By Hotel Host



Black Woman Called A Monkey, The N-Word And A Prostitute By Hotel Host

A black woman who planned a trip for her and her friends on South Beach in Miami was welcomed with racial slurs and attacks by the hotel owner!

Monifah Brown, a black woman from London was planning a trip to beautiful South Beach in Miami Florida when her travels plans got cut short due to the hotel owners behavior.

Brown who is a 24-year-old event planner took to Twitter to share that Giulia Ozyesilpinar the owner of the hotel had said racist things to her.

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When conversation first began between Brown and Ozyesilpinar, the request was that the down payment be submitted by June 28th. However, Brown asked for extra time which was denied. She later told Ozyesilpinar that she would actually be able to pay the amount on the 28th.

Ozyesilpinar had grown suspicious and began to think that Brown was trying to scam her, and that’s where the racial slurs began. In a message shared to Browns Twitter, you can see Ozyesilpinar sending a message that reads;

“Are you there or are you acting like you are ignoring me? You acting with lies gives a very very bad picture for all of the black people. Please try to act like a lady and be a very good representation of black.”

Born later responded sharing that she had been busy but now is no longer interested in staying at the location.

“After your recent racist messages that you text to my phone, I now no longer feel comfortable staying in your property,” she replied. “Thank you so much for showing your true colors. I suggest next time you learn to have some class like this ‘black woman’ racist b***h.”

Since the incident, has removed Ozyesilpinar’s location off of their website and sent out a message to Brown.

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As for Ozyesilpinar, she has since posted a picture of Brown’s license to social media and has admitted to calling Brown a monkey saying that “Being racist is not illegal.”

“We live in a free world,” she told the newspaper. “We have freedom of speech. If I want to call somebody a monkey, I should be able to say that.”

Ozyesilpinar has also posted a statement comparing Brown to Jussie Smollett saying that they both are pulling the race card.

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