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Body Cam Footage Finally Released After Fatal Police Shooting of Fredo Santana’s Artist Extendo Quono

Extendo Quono & Fredo Santana


Body Cam Footage Finally Released After Fatal Police Shooting of Fredo Santana’s Artist Extendo Quono

While the fatal police shooting occurred in late November 2017, official body cam footage has finally surfaced showing the deadly shooting of Extendo Quono, an artist signed to Savage Squad Records by the late Chicago rapper Fredo Santana.

Additionally, Quono, real name Aquoness Cathery, was reportedly armed with a semi-automatic pistol when Chicago PD shot him in the city’s South Side Washington Park neighborhood last year.

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As a result of the homicidal encounter, Quono was taken to Stroger Hospital, where the 24-year-old later succumbed to his injuries.

Consequently, the shooting officer pulled the trigger claiming the artist pointed his weapon at him; which provoked the officer to shoot back; however the video does not show the victim doing such activity.

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Furthermore, in the video viewers see Quono running from an officer chasing him through an apartment building onto a wooden patio.

While trying to escape down the stairs of the patio, the officer shot him and then called in an ambulance.

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As a result of the commotion, scared and angry residents can be heard in the background.

After he caught wind of the fatal loss, Fredo took to Twitter to mourn his artist’s death, writing:

“Long live quano frontstreet or no street Bzzz”

#PressPlay below to view the body cam footage captured from the shooting of Extendo Quono

*Warning: footage in the following video may be graphic for some viewers*

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Extendo Quono & Fredo Santana

Source: VTV

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