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Boy Hailed A Hero After Reporting Classmate Who Brought In A Loaded 9mm Pistol



Boy Hailed A Hero After Reporting Classmate Who Brought In A Loaded 9mm Pistol

A Florida boy is now known as a hero after he reported a classmate who brought in a loaded 9mm pistol to school Thursday.

Fox News reports Blake Johnson,8, was using the bathroom at Hudson Elementary School when another student pulled out the loaded 9mm pistol from his backpack. The boy threatened to shoot Johnson if he told anyone about the gun.

“I just said, ‘What’s in the bag?’ And then the kid responds and said, ‘It’s a gun.’ And then I said, ‘Can I see it?’ And he pulled it out. He pulled it out, like, and pointed it at the wall. He said ‘If you tell,’ he’ll kill me.”

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After the boy showed Johnson and three other classmates the gun, Johnson waited for everyone to leave the bathroom so he could inform a security guard about the weapon.

“I told the security officer that kid had a gun and then I told him which backpack and the kid,”

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The security guard informed school officials leading up to a search by the Pasco police. Captain Chris Beamon said in a statement that the student brought in a loaded 9mm Sig Sauer handgun.

“It frustrates me as a law enforcement officer who started this profession to protect, to even think of a possibility of what could have happened,”

Police said in a report that the boy who brought in the keyboard faces criminal charges and will be suspended from school ten days.

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