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Brawl Breaks Out Over N-Word After FDNY Medal Ceremony


Brawl Breaks Out Over N-Word After FDNY Medal Ceremony

The N-Word allegedly started a brawl between a group of off-duty but uniformed firefighters on Wednesday following a medal ceremony in the Bronx. 

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The melee went down after the FDNY firefighters were celebrating being honored for their heroism by the mayor and fire commissioner, according to the NY Daily News. A racial slur was thrown at a black firefighter and sparked a wild fight inside of Billy’s Bar near Yankee’s Stadium between Bronx’s Rescue Company 3 and members of Ladder Company 49 and Engine Company 68. 

“They were drinking since 11 a.m.,” said a source with knowledge of the incident. “They show up at the bar after the medal ceremony and they got out of hand. The ladder and engine guys were fighting with the Rescue 3 guys.”

According to sources, the fight started after a Rescue 3 member called a firefighter from the other house a “N—–,”.

The brawl reportedly got so bad that bartenders had to mace one firefighter to break it up. No police were called and no arrests were made. FDNY has knowledge of the fight, a department spokesman said.

“The Fire Department initiated an investigation following reports of a fight involving off-duty uniformed firefighters Wednesday night in the Bronx, and has since obtained disturbing video that we have shared with the city’s Department of Investigation,” FDNY spokesman Francis Gribbon said.

FDNY Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro vowed to get to the bottom of what happened.

“Everyone and anyone who engaged in this outrageous behavior will be held accountable,” he said.

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It’s reported that the FDNY has started an investigation to identify those involved, a spokesman said. So far, no members have been disciplined.

Take a look at the FDNY below.

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