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Bronx Residents Are Warning Tourists To Stay Away From “Joker Stairs”

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Bronx Residents Are Warning Tourists To Stay Away From “Joker Stairs”

A staircase in the Bronx has become a tourist attraction due to the increased popularity of the new Joker movie.

According to the Daily Mail, the staircase is located at 167 Street in the Highbridge section of the Bronx and became an instant fan favorite after Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker danced down the stairs in the most famous scene of the film. Usually, tourists flock to certain areas of the Bronx to visit the  New York Botanical Garden, the Bronx Zoo, and Yankee Stadium but now the staircase has been added to the list.

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Instagram influencers and cosplayers have dressed up as the Joker to re-create the staircase scene since Halloween is almost a week and a half away. However, some Bronx residents are warning visitors to stay away from the “Joker Stairs.”

‘Them stairs ain’t nothing but an asthma attack and a swift robbery set up… But you know … Welcome to The South Bronx,’

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🤣my fault.

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Desus Nice of the comedy duo “Desus and Mero” said on Twitter that Bronxites should be able to profit off the staircase’s newfound fame.

“legally as a Bronx resident, you’re allowed and encouraged to tax anyone visiting the joker stairs”

The movie continues to dominate the box office since it’s debut earlier this month. It currently holds the record for the largest October opening weekend at $96.2 million.

Press play to watch the trailer below and let us know if you’ve seen the Joker movie yet.


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