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New Jersey Bus Driver Fired After Mooning Man In Front Of Kids


New Jersey Bus Driver Fired After Mooning Man In Front Of Kids

New Jersey Bus Driver Fired After Mooning Man In Front Of Kids

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Shocking video of a bus driver mooning a man while transporting kids has emerged.  The owner of the video, Alex Gasbarro, says the unidentified driver was blocking his driveway.  He asked him to move the bus but received a rude response.

“Are you going to use the driveway?” the driver responded according to WNBC.

Gasbarro started to film once the confrontation started to escalate.  He caught the driver dropping his pants exposing his backside.  The driver became so furious he snatched the phone before throwing it back at Gasbarro.

The driver, who previously worked for Robert Tours, was transporting students from St. Mary and St. Mercurius Coptic Orthodox Church for a field trip.  Robert Garcia, manager of the bus company, said that the driver has been fired.

“We took care of it by removing him because that is something we would not tolerate.”

The residential Belleville, NJ neighborhood has experienced issues with buses parking along their street and blocking driveways for the past two years.  There are few alternative options that are safe enough for the children to exit the bus.

A priest from the church, Rev. Luke Istafanous, expressed his disgust with the incident but noted that the church had not hired the driver directly.

“I can’t defend this,” the Rev. said. “This is bad, but he’s not part of the church. He’s a rented driver.”

Regardless, Istafanous wants to resolve the issue with the help of the police who plan to shut down the street and get all the homeowners together to diffuse the situation.

‘If there is anything we can do to resolve the gentleman’s concerns, we would definitely do so,’ he said. ‘We’re preaching peace.’

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Take a look at a few photos of the unidentified driver below.

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