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Cardi B Admits Rumored Beyoncé Collaboration Is A No-Go…For Now

Cardi B & Beyonce


Cardi B Admits Rumored Beyoncé Collaboration Is A No-Go…For Now

While the internet went crazy last week with reports of Cardi B and Beyoncé working on some new music together, the Bronx native confesses in an interview with Philly’s Power 99 that the claims are false.

Consequently, the rumor began after Cardi’s engineer teased a music file with both musician’s names at the top, implying a possible collaborative effort with a caption: “Wow this feature is big,” but the 24-year-old “Bodak Yellow” rapper admits:

“I don’t even know where did that rumor… people are crazy.”

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Additionally, she says:

“People start rumors and do things…[I] don’t know. I’d be happy too! I wish that [could] happen. I wish. I’ll put that into existence.”

Furthermore, in the interview Cardi dishes on her proposal by Migos‘ Offset and how their track “Motor Sport” came about featuring Nicki Minaj and herself.

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Moreover, she joyfully recounts:

“First of all, they kept rushing me to go on the stage. And I’m like ‘wait, wait what’s going on is it my stage set yet? I know I missed my stage set and it’s like am I in trouble. What the hell is going on?’ Then I see the Migos perform and I’m like they always go after me. And then I’m like they probably want me to get on stage to perform [our] new song “Motor Sport.”  And then, you know, I just performed it a little bit and this motherf–ker, he’s tapping me and I’m like what, what’s going on I’m confused. And then he just got on his knees and then it’s like..ahhh.”

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Also, on their track “Motor Sport,” she explains:

“It’s amazing, you know. For the Migos to make this happen for me, for me to even join a record with them and everything… it’s like you know since I started dating Offset, I see how they work and I see how talented they are and it’s like wow it would be a dream if I ever performed with them on stage. It would be a dream if they ever collab with me. And they collab’d with me and they got Nicki on it, and it’s just like, let’s just make this song go to the top, you know. And now I’m playing with the big dogs!”

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Cardi B & Beyonce

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