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Casey Anthony’s Ex-Lawyer Convicted Of Conspiring to Smuggle $13-Million Of Cocaine


Casey Anthony’s Ex-Lawyer Convicted Of Conspiring to Smuggle $13-Million Of Cocaine

Casey Anthony’s former lawyer has just been convicted of trafficking $13-Million of cocaine.

According to reports, Todd Macaluso, 55, was found guilty of an international cocaine distribution conspiracy after plotting to fly a plane-full of drugs from Ecuador to Honduras.

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Reportedly, Prosecutors said once the drugs reached Honduras he was planning on smuggling them into the United States.

The drugs were valued at $13million, and Macaluso would have received a six-figure payout in the amount of $185,000 in return after the drop-off was complete, according to federal agents.

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Authorities first noticed the suspicious activities last October while investigating drug traffickers who were trying to use a plane registered in the states.

Macaluso’s co-defendant’s Carlos Almonte Vasquez and Humberto Osuna Contreras, said they met Macaluso in Port Au-Prince in early November to plot out how to pull the drug smuggling.

Furthermore, all three men were flown to MacArthur Airport in Long Island to be arraigned and denied because it was believed they were flight risks.

Macaluso became ‘famous’ in 2009 when he represented his former controversial client Casey Anthony after she was acquitted of murdering her two-year-old daughter Caylee.

Caylee’s skeletal remains were found in December in a trash bag in the woods near the family’s home, and it is thought she died after duct-tape was placed over her mouth caused her to suffocate.

Casey Anthony’s former lawyer.

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