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Cat Needs IV Drip After Going On A Romp


Cat Needs IV Drip After Going On A Romp

A male cat in China had to get an IV drip after mating with more than 5 other cats at a pet hotel!

A few cat owners are upset after a pet hotel neglected to watch their pets resulting in one car mating with more than 5 others and needing an IV drip the following day.

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Mr. Zhao and his wife left their male cat Xiaopi at a cat hotel just for one overnight stay. According to the New Zealand Herald, Mr. Zhao notified the staff that his pet was not neutered so to be careful about lettimg him out of their sight.

Well, that notice was ignored as the pet hotel staff let the animals out that night to feed them leaving them to mingle with no supervision as the staff went home. Upon receiving the security footage, Mr. Zhao was in shock to find that not only did his cat not eat, but he had mated with at least five other female cats and more that were not on camera between the hours of 10:40 p.m. and 5 a.m.

Due to Xiaopi not eating and performing on an empty stomach, his activity resulted in him needing an IV drip which is pretty pricy.

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Not only was Mr. Zhao unhappy with what happened, the female cat owners were upset that their animals are now pregnant.

Mr. Zhao has received an apology from the hotel as they offered to pay for Xiaopi’s fluid therapy. The staff at the hotel has also agreed to give any female-cat owners involved ¥500, or…$70.

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