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Central Park Five Detective Says Netflix Series Is Full Of ‘Lies’

Netflix/ Daily Mail


Central Park Five Detective Says Netflix Series Is Full Of ‘Lies’

Central Park Five Detective Says Netflix Series Is Full Of ‘Lies’

The former NYPD detective who was responsible for making the first five arrests in the Central Park Five case claims that the Netflix series is full of “lies.”

According to the Daily Mail, Eric Reynolds, who arrested Raymond Santana and Kevin Richardson says that the eye-opening series is defamatory.

He thinks the series falsely represents the boys as innocent despite the fact that they were alleged ‘wilding’ with 30 other boys in Central Park on April 19, 1989.

In particular, he says that he as an issue as a fellow African-American when people say that the boys suffered a racial injustice. He added that the allegations of racism deeply affected him.

When he was asked if people called him a race-traitor he responded, “Oh yes and worse.’ Yet all he wanted to do as an officer was, he said, ‘serve his community.”

In addition, he said the depiction that the boys were beaten during their arrest is not true,

“Please, someone, show me the pictures of them,” Reynolds said of thier injuries. “Show me the injuries, show me the black eyes, show me the swollen faces because every single one of them that came out of that precinct had none of that.”

He called the series that is directed by Ava DuVernay, a ‘total nonsense’ that made him ‘flabbergasted’.

He insists that there is evidence to link the young men to Trisha Meili’s rape, despite Matias Reyes confessing to the crime with his DNA being the only one that matched the crime scene.

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