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Chance The Rapper’s Brother, Taylor Bennett, Challenges Bisexuality In Hip-Hop On New EP

Chance The Rapper's brother Taylor Bennett 'Be Yourself'


Chance The Rapper’s Brother, Taylor Bennett, Challenges Bisexuality In Hip-Hop On New EP

Taylor says ‘Be Yourself.’

Taylor Bennett, the younger brother of Chicago rapper Chance The Rapper, has previously opened up publicly of being bisexual back in January 2017; and now he’s ready to speak more on the controversial topic within Hip-Hop via his forthcoming EP, ‘Be Yourself.’ 

In an interview with XXL, Bennett explains, “I realize for the first time ever the community has been very accepting of me being openly bisexual. And not just the community as listeners, but major artists that I work with all the time that I worked with on this project.”

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Additionally, he adds that the upcoming feat, on which he also reflects of his coming out, will “help others that struggle with the same issues;’ as he further states, “The point is that it’s to show unity. One of the biggest things that we gotta’ do first before we can go after a whole system is solve all the issues that we have inside first. That’s really why I made this. But it’s also really good.”

Also, the rapper explains that the concept behind the EP includes him wanting to know himself and be himself.

Plus, him breaking down the divide between the LGBTQ community, the Black community and all communities.

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Bennett’s new release is set to debut later this month.

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