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Charges Dropped Against Rania Youssef For Wearing Controversial Dress

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Charges Dropped Against Rania Youssef For Wearing Controversial Dress

The charges towards Rania Youssef have been dropped after she was arrested for wearing a revealing dress at the Cairo International Film Festival.

According to Vogue, the charges against Rania Youssef were dropped after a public outcry on social media. She was expected to appear in court next month after a group of lawyers filed a complaint about her “revealing” dress. However, the same group of lawyers stated their actions were not intentional and dropped the charges after she apologized on social media.

When we took legal action, this was not for the purpose of personal gains or benefits, nor was it intended to deprive her person, but was out of concern for public order and ethics and sensing the danger facing the Egyptian society as a result of that incident, committed by a popular public figure with an audience that will try to imitate them, which may lead to the spread of chaos and the violation of standards of values ​​and ethics.”

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The Egyptian Artistic Syndicate Union says the council will enforce a dress code for female actresses to walk the red carpet.

“This is part of an approach aimed at addressing mistakes within the concerned professional union.”

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The Actor’s Guild of Egypt also released a statement in reference to the controversial dress and said each individual is entitled to self-expression but will take action for “offensive” attire.

“Although we absolutely believe in the personal freedom of artists, we appeal to everyone to shoulder their responsibilities toward the fans who appreciate their art and view them as role models.That should compel them to exercise a minimum level of commitment to society’s public values.”

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