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Charles Manson Had Open Casket Funeral Before Cremation


Charles Manson Had Open Casket Funeral Before Cremation

An open casket funeral was held for infamous cult leader Charles Manson on Saturday, with his body being cremated afterwards.

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The memorial service was held in Porterville, California, and TMZ reports that Manson’s body had to have a lot of makeup applied to cover up all the decomposing that had taken place. Around 30 people showed up to the service and Manson’s grandson, Jason Freeman, spoke.

As previously mentioned, following the ceremony, Manson’s body was cremated and his ashes were taken to a forest and spread along a nearby creek-bed. Among the guests were former Manson Family member Sandra Good and Manson’s former fiancee, Afton Burton.

Charles Manson had actually died of natural causes on November 19th, but a judge ordered his body to be kept on ice until the legal matter of who had claim to it was settled. His grandson, Freeman claimed that Manson didn’t have a will when he died and was locked in a heated legal fight with a man named Michael Channels, who claimed he was in possession of Manson’s legal will. Channels was considered to be an expert on Manson and is also an avid collector of Manson-related artifacts. He also happened to be a long-time pen-pal of Manson.

Take a look at the Manson’s, their victims and murder scenes below.

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