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Chicago Police Department Mistakenly Raids Birthday Party


Chicago Police Department Mistakenly Raids Birthday Party

A family is suing the Chicago Police Department after they mistakenly raided their apartment last month.

According to NBC Chicago, Stephanie Burris said on Feb.10 that police officers knocked down her door during her 4-year-old son’s birthday party. Allegedly, officers were looking for a man who moved out of the apartment years ago. The officers also pointed their guns at Burris’ relatives and destroyed the birthday cake.

“Can you imagine a 4- or a 7-year-old sitting and playing games with other children, then come in and be confiscated by men with guns pointed at them? I can’t imagine that.”

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Burris’ federal lawsuit describes how officers from the Chicago Police Department raided her home on Feb.10 in search of a man who moved out of the apartment five years ago. Attorney Al Hofeld said the raid has traumatized his client’s four-year-old son.

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No arrests were made during the raid and the Chicago Police Department released a statement in reference to the raid. 

“We make every effort to ensure the validity and accuracy of all information that is used to apply for and execute search warrants [although] errors occur and it does take them seriously.”


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