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Chicago Resturant Tries To Shut Down LeBron James “Taco Tuesday” Trademark

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Chicago Resturant Tries To Shut Down LeBron James “Taco Tuesday” Trademark

Taco Tuesday is a household term used literally every Tuesday, but for LeBron James, he’s trying to make a coin from it!

If you follow NBA front man LeBron James on Instagram you would know that Tuesday is a special day in his household.

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Despite maybe having practice or a game, James gets overly excited for his favorite food on his favorite day, Taco Tuesday.

Every week you can count on LeBron to take to his Instagram story and share a video of him literally yelling “IT’S TACO TUUUUEEESSSSSDAYYYYY” followed by some kind of war cry. He’s even gone on to make custom shirts with his face as the “C.”

But a shirt was not enough as he has filed to trademark the phrase. However, there is a major roadblock as there is a restaurant who is trying to protest that filing.

The owner of Taco Tuesday, Inc says that their restaurant has been serving people in the Chicago area since 2016. They have received a number of accolades including a feature in “Chicago’s Best” television program.

If James is successful in filing the trademark, the restaurant will no longer be able to use “Taco Tuesday” for their business.

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An attorney for the company lowkey released a statement saying

“The quality of being a person who enjoys eating tacos (and posting to social media about one’s experience in eating tacos deemed delicious) does not give rise to a cognizable claim to trademark ownership,” it read.

As of now, LeBron’s application is still under review.

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