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Child Contracts Near Fatal Disease After Cuddling With Her Pet Rats


Child Contracts Near Fatal Disease After Cuddling With Her Pet Rats

A California mother has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against a pet store after her daughter contracted a near fatal disease from her pet rats. 

The Daily Mail reports Cali,8, contracted the disease known as ‘Rat Bite Fever’ and is currently recovering at the Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego. The disease is considered fatal if left untreated for a few days. Cali’s mother,Sabrina, says her daughter  is feeling better after receiving treatment:

‘She is 190 percent better. She is walking now. She is moving and using her arms. She’s eating and drinking. It was really scary and really hard to watch,’

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Doctors states that Cali’s eczema may have been a factor in her illness.

After the ordeal, Cali’s family is currently looking for someone to adopt their pet rats after she returns home from the hospital.

‘We couldn’t even touch her because she hurt so bad. She wants to go home. She misses her house. We both do. She wants to see her other animals,’

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‘It’s not a fun thing to tell your kid you’ve got to get rid of your best friend.’


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