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Child Star Shaun Weiss From ‘Mighty Ducks’ Arrested For Theft


Child Star Shaun Weiss From ‘Mighty Ducks’ Arrested For Theft

News has recently broken that child star, and Disney alum, Shaun Weiss, has been sentenced to 150 days in L.A. County Jail. He allegedly stole $150 worth of merchandise from Fry’s Electronics Store.

Weiss, 38, who is best known for playing Goldberg in “Mighty Ducks, and Josh Burnbalm in “Heavyweights,” is reportedly not new to the criminal system, seeing as how this is the second time he’s been caught for petty theft.

According to TMZ, his manager confirmed the sentencing.

The unnamed manager expressed,

“Hopefully when he gets out he will go to rehab so he can stay sober, but Weiss hopes to write while he’s serving his time.”

Continued …

“While he’s in jail he hopes to write a script based on his recent experience.”

Moreover, Weiss appeared in other television hit shows such as, “Freaks and Geeks,” “The King of Queens” and “The Tony Danza Show.”

As previously reported, Weiss enlisted ‘Kickstarter’ to revive his career back in August 2014.

He mentioned,

“I’m offering some insane kind of rewards. Basically if you invest, your reward is me. I will come to your house and you can shoot pucks at me.”

There is no date as to how soon Weiss will be taken into custody, but we will update back with more information.

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