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Children Found Inside Of Outdoor Freezer After Playing In Backyard


Children Found Inside Of Outdoor Freezer After Playing In Backyard

Three Florida children were found inside a freezer after they played a fatal game of hiding and seek.

According to WFLA, authorities responded to a call on Sunday evening about three children under the age of 6 missing from their home. When police arrived at the scene, they discovered that the children were unresponsive after emergency medical personnel performed CPR. They were transported to a local hospital where they were later pronounced dead.

The Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office believed that the children, aged 1,4,6 were playing outside when they climbed into the freezer. They added that the freezer had an after-market hasp lock installed on the lid. For these types of locks, a padlock is used but police did not find a padlock on the latch.

“Upon further inspection of the freezer, an after-market, hasp had been installed on the lid in order to secure a padlock on it. It is believed at this time, that when the children entered the freezer, and the lid closed, the hasp fell shut, trapping the children inside. There was no padlock on the freezer.”

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The case is still being investigated by police but foul play is not suspected.

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Press play to learn more about another case where two children were found inside a freezer.

Source: WFLA

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