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China Covers Up Evidence Of Placing Muslims In Detention Camps


China Covers Up Evidence Of Placing Muslims In Detention Camps

The Chinese government reportedly has been hiding evidence of placing Muslim citizens in mass detention camps after classified documents were leaked to the public.

According to the Daily Mail, top officials of the Xinjiang regional government had several meetings on how to combat the leaks after several speeches by leaders were revealed by the New York Times last month. The meetings and speeches took place at the Chinese Communist Party’s regional headquarters in Urumqi. Other news outlets revealed technology was being used to target a specific group of people and guidelines on how to operate detention camps. As a cover-up, the camps were called “re-education” camps and were built to prevent Muslim extremists.

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The documents state the Chinese government has targeted and detained more than a million Uighurs and other Muslim minorities, in order to maintain population control.   Officials in Xinjiang have not officially denied the documents although Urumqi Communist Party chief Xu Hairong called the accusations “malicious smears”.

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Government insiders reported that state officials have required all offices to throw away computers and stored data related to the detention camps in an offline database to prevent any future leaks. University professors were also required to delete all confidential data off of their cellphones, computers, and cloud storage along with work-related social media groups.

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